Tips in Creating a Professional Book Page Design

Tips in Creating a Professional Book Page Design

The appearance of a book should create a good impression about the content of the book. Designing a book requires some skills, but even as a non designer, there are some tips and tricks that will assist you in creating a captivating book design. The efforts that you have invested into writing the contents of your book should not be undermined by a poorly designed book, because a clumsy looking book will create a bad impression on your reader. You have to incorporate a nice looking design for your book pages in order to assist your readers as the peruse your content.
Here we will be itemising some of the tips that will aid you in putting out a great looking book page that will create that needed first impression for your book. This tips are what the top book designers make use of and when you incorporate these tips into your designs then you are on your way to creating an exceptional book page.

Create a Wide Edge

One of the beauty of a book page is the edges, the wider the edges the better the look of the book page. Don’t fall for the temptation of cramming a lot of text on your page because you want a lesser book page count. A wide and roomy edge makes a book look more interesting to read.

Choose a Good Font

When choosing a font for your book, ensure you choose a readable and attractive font that will be easy and comfortable to read. Some of the famous ones that have proven a great deal are Caslon, Garamond, Minion and Janson. Make use of lively font for your title page, cover and chapter titles.
Choose a Comfortable Font Size
After deciding on the right font, the next is to choose the size of your font that will be easy for the eye. Don’t make it too big not too small.

Your Text should be Justified

The conventional alignment used by most document is the left alignment, but this does not look good in the document, this is why it is important to justify your work to create a well aligned writing.
The first lines of your paragraph should be indented
To make your content reader friendly, ensure that you indent the first lines if all your paragraph. When indenting, don’t make the space too much because it might look awkward, indenting by a quarter inch should be the ideal spacing.

Make use of Running Footers and Headers

Using a running header is optional but it is imperative that you use a running header because it contains info that gives a good design for the book. It helps the reader in navigating through the book. The header of a book contain information about the book such as the book title, the name of the author and the title of the chapter.
Putting all these into your page design will increase the overall beauty of your book and provide your readers the necessary first impression that is required to draw their attention.